Prismatic Magic Laser-3D – The First 3D laser projection system

Prismatic Magic Laser-3D - The First 3-D laser projection system

Prismatic Magic introduces the Laser-3D, the world’s first laser projection system, which “combines the vibrant, scintillating colors of traditional laser-light shows with full-color, stereoscopic 3-D technology.”

The Laser-3D technology is based on Infitec’s 3D technology, the same high-quality 3-D system used by Dolby 3-D Digital Cinema. It works by generating left and right duplicate images that are slightly offset from one another. Each image is projected by its own dedicated red, green, and blue (RGB) laser subsystem. The laser wavelengths of each subsystem are tuned 10-30 nanometers from one another in order to match the optical transmission of Infitec’s reusable 3-D glasses. By allowing each eye to see only one RGB image, the 3-D glasses create a stereoscopic parallax, which is interpreted by the wearer as a full-color, 3-D laser image.

The Laser-3D is projected onto any lightly-colored, smooth surface. The system is expected to be commercially available early 2010.



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