Synaptics Fuse Mobile Phone Concept

Synaptics Fuse Mobile Phone Concept

Synaptics, known for making trackpads for notebooks/netbooks, introduces the Fuse, the “next-generation” mobile concept. The Fuse claims to be the future of user interaction for handsets. It includes multi-touch capacitive sensing, haptic feedback, 3-D graphics, and force, grip, and proximity sensing.

The Fuse is actually a collaboration between Synaptics and four global partners – TheAlloy, The Astonishing Tribe (TAT), Immersion, and Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI). Synaptics also adds its ClearPad, NavPoint, and TouchButtons solutions to the concept.

Each partner provided valuable expertise and contributions to the project:

  • TheAlloy led the user experience and overall product design efforts.
  • TAT enabled the effective 3-D environment and lent their extensive user interface software design skills.
  • Immersion made possible the tactile feedback, ensuring an integrated and satisfying experience.
  • TI’s OMAP(TM) 3630 processor provided the framework and platform to leverage the enhanced multimedia, graphics and imaging features that consumers crave.




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