Unichal Dixau DX3 Compact One-Click Dictionary

Unichal Dixau DX3 one-Click Dictionary media

Unichal Dixau DX3 one-Click Dictionary

Korean company Unichal rolls out in Korea the Dixau DX3 compact 1-click electronic dictionary. THe DX3 features a built-in camera and with one click it will scan words and definitions on its 2.4-inch 320×240 LCD display.

Unichal Dixau DX3 one-Click Dictionary media

The Dixau DX3 can recognize English, Spanish, French and German. It offers native speakers’ pronunciation. The e-dict is boosted by an ARM processor and 128MB RAM. It comes with 1GB internal memory and supports microSD memory card. In addition to helping users learn foreign language, the DX3 serves also as an entertainment device. It supports audio and video playback.

According to Unichal’s announcement, the Dixau DX3 will be released in other countries at the end of January 2010.



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