Samsung BD-C7500, BD-C6900, BD-C6500 and BD-C5500 Blu-ray Players

Samsung BD-C7500 Blu-ray Player

Samsung BD-C7500 Blu-ray Player

Samsung unveiled its 2010 Blu-ray lineup at the CES 2010, including the 2010 CES Best of Innovations Award, the BD-C6900, featuring built-in 3D playback and supporting the new 3D Blu-ray standard. Other models are BD-C7500, BD-C6500 and BD-C5500.

The Samsung BD-C7500 is the world’s slimmest Blu-ray player at just 1.1-inch. It features a nature-inspired wood design coated with jewel-like gloss.  The BD-C6900, as mentioned above, comes with support for Blu-ray 3D. It also has a slim design.

Samsung BD-C6900 3D Blu-ray Player

Samsung’s BD-C6500 is one of the quickest Blu-ray players in the market offering 15-second disc load and 15-second boot-up time. The entry-level BD-C5500 is an eco-friendly Blu-ray player that consumes 13W during disc playback, and just 0.1W in stand-by mode.

All these Samsung Blu-ray players include built-in WiFi support (except for the BD-C5500 that requires addition WiFi adapter) for accessing Samsung Internet@TV that provides consumers a wide range of content and application. They all support 1080p playback at 24fps and DVD upscaling.



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