Panasonic DVD-S38 and DVD-S58 DVD Players

panasonic logo

panasonic logo

Panasonic announced two new DVD players at the CES, the DVD-S38 and DVD-S58, both support multi-format playback, including DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD-RW, and DVD+RW discs. They feature advanced progressive scan and the DVD-S58 offers 1080p HD up-conversion and Dolby Digital and dts Digital Out for high quality audio as well.

Also introduced is the Panasonic LS86 portable DVD player with a 8.5-inch LCD display. It is also a multi-format player and includes support for Dolby Digital and dts decoding, MPEG4 video codecs, JPEG still-image discs, MP3 and DivX. There are also two DVD recorders, the dual VHS/DVD-DMR-EZ48V and the DMR-EZ28 that have built-in digital tuner.



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