Oppo BDP-80 Blu-ray/SACD Player

Oppo BDP-80 Blu-ray SACD Player

Oppo BDP-80 Blu-ray SACD Player

Oppo launches the budget-priced BDP-80 Blu-ray Disc / SACD combo player. The BD-Live compatible player supports playback of Blu-ray discs, SACD, DVD-video, DVD-Audio, CD, Picture CD as well as AVCHD, MKV media files and offers 1080p24 Blu-ray output.

Oppo BDP-80 Blu-ray SACD Player back

The Oppo BDP-80 supports Dolby TrueHD, DTS-HD audio codecs and 7.1-channel analog output. Unlike its brother BDP-83, the BDP-80 lacks DVD 24p upconversion, dedicated Stereo Output, IR in/out ports.

Oppo BDP-80 has HDMI output and Component output. It has 1GB internal memory for BD-Live functionality and USB 2.0 port for media playback. The player is priced at $289.



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