JVC Multi Color Headphone Match iPod nano 5G colors

JVC HA-FX35 Marshmallow headphones
JVC HA-FX35 Marshmallow headphones

JVC HA-FX35 Marshmallow

JVC introduces new color selection for its HA-FX35 Marshmallow, HA-F240 Gumy Air, HA-F140 New Gumy and HA-S150 Flats headphones. The first three models now come in nine different colors and the last one offers a choice of six colors, match the colors of Apple’s iPad nano 5G.

JVC HA-F240 Gumy Air headphones

JVC HA-F240 Gumy Air

The JVC HA-FX35 Marshmallow is a set inner ear earphones designed to mold to ear’s contours. It comes in two sizes of soft memory-foam earpieces to fit the ears and features 8.5mm neodymium drivers and 1.2 m friction noise reduction cord.

JVC HA-F140 New Gumy headphones

JVC HA-F140 New Gumy

The HA-F240 Gumy Air features JVC’s Air Cushion soft silicone earpiece, 11mm neodymium drivers unit and 1 meter friction noise reduction cord. JVC’s HA-F140 New Gumy sports a unique curved housing and 13.5mm neodymium drivers.

JVC HA-S150 Flats headphones

JVC HA-S150 Flats

Lastly, the JVC HA-S150 Flats has a flat-foldable design and features lightweight stainless steel headband and soft ear pads. It has 30mm neodymium drivers.



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