AuthenTec AES2660 Smart Sensor for PC market

AuthenTec logo

AuthenTec logo

AuthenTec announced the new AES2660 smart sensor for PC market, specifically tailored for convenient security, personalization and touch-based functionality. The AES2660 offers the expanded functionality, biometric performance, low-power consumption, multiple packaging options, and low bill of materials (BOM) costs needed for easy integration into new consumer and enterprise notebook PCs, tablet PCs, and PC peripherals.

Key Features:

  • Integrated LED drivers for multiple lighted LED packaging options
  • TrueNav cursor and menu navigation
  • Multiple battery-friendly operating modes
  • Internal current limiter, voltage regulator and clock generator
  • Supports USB2.0 full speed host and SPI Flash memory interfaces
  • 192-column X 8-row pixel sensing array providing 500 DPI image resolution
  • Small BGA packaging
  • New, highly durable black coating with matching bezel
  • Highly integrated design enables low bill of materials cost


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