Sony DR-350USB, DR-320DPV and DR-310DP PC Headsets

Sony DR-310DP PC Headsets
Sony DR-350USB pc headset

Sony DR-350USB

Sony launches three new PC headsets, the DR-350USB, DR-320DPV and DR-310DP. The first two models have stylish design and offers the unique dual-function mic design with removable voice tube for extra-clear speech.

These Sony PC headsets feature 30mm ferrite sound driver offering 14-22,000Hz frequency response and 100mW power handling. The DR-350USB comes with a USB adapter module with integrated volume and mute controls while the DR-320DPV has 2.5m cord with an in-line volume control. The Sony DR-310DP has in-line microphone.

Sony DR-320DPV pc headset

Sony DR-320DPV

Sony DR-310DP PC Headsets

Sony DR-310DP



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