Sony MDR-RF4000K and MDR-RF810RK Cordless Headphones

Sony MDR-RF4000K Cordless Headphones

Sony MDR-RF4000K Cordless Headphones

Sony Europe introduces two new cordless headphones, the MDR-RF4000K and MDR-RF810RK. Both models feature 40mm driver for uncompromised sound, plus a convenient volume control for easy level adjustment.

Sony’s new headphones have a closed-type design and are made for home entertainment use. The stylish Sony MDR-RF4000K features Digital RF transmission with a range of up to 30 meters, 10mWx2 output and 7 hours continuous listening using NiMH battery. It has a fold-flat design for easy storage.

Sony MDR-RF810RK Cordless Headphones

The Sony MDR-RF810RK can receive analogue RF signals transmitted from the up to 100m away. It weighs just 220g and offers 3mWx2 output power. You can expect 13 hours listening time on a single charge of the NiMH battery.

Sony MDR-RF4000K and MDR-RF810RK cordless headphones will be released in April.



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