ZAGG invisibleSHIELD Dry and ZAGG LEATHERSKINS Protective Films

ZAGG, maker of the famous invisibleSHIELD, launches the new ZAGG LEATHERSKINS and invisibleSHIELD Dry protetive films for personal electronic devices. The LEATHERSKINS is a thin, pliable case that applies directly to personal electronics like a film, but is created from genuine leather.

The invisibleSHIELD Dry, on the other hand, is a protective film made from the same material as the original invisibleSHIELD, and engineered to be clearer, smoother to the touch, and applies without the need for fluid.

The LEATHERSKINS is available in typical leather shades and mulitple colors and it uses an adhesive that holds in place on the device. These protective films will be released later.



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