Sony DR-EX300ip, MDR-EX38ip, DR-V150iP and MDR-E10iP Headsets for iPhone/iPod

Sony MDR-E10iP iphone ipod headset

Sony DR-EX300ip iphone ipod headset

Sony announced four new iPhone/iPod headsets, including the closed-type  DR-EX300ip, MDR-EX38ip, DR-V150iP, and the open-type MDR-E10iP. All of them have in-line remote for iPod/iPhone play functions and volume and integrated microphone for iPhone hands-free calls.

Sony MDR-EX38ip iPhone iPod headset

The Sony DR-EX300ip in-ear headset features a 13.5mm Neodymium driver and comes with four sizes of supplied hybrid silicone earbuds to provide secure fit. A genuine leather carry case is included.

The MDR-EX38iP is also a pair of in-ear headphones. It has 9mm Neodymium driver and three sizes of hybrid silicone earbuds. MDR-EX38iP is available in black and white.

Sony DR-V150iP iphone ipod headset

Sony’s DR-V150iP, on the other hand, features 30 mm ferrite driver and a large adjustable headband. It is tailor-made for DJs and its reversible earcups allow convenient ‘single-sided’ monitoring.

Sony MDR-E10iP iphone ipod headset

The MDR-E10iP is made for younger listeners and comes in four fashion colors, Pink, Gold, Blue and Grey. 13.5mm Neodymium driver is used.

All four models are compatible with iPod Shuffle 3G; iPod Nano 4G/5G; iPod Classic 120GB/160GB (2009); iPod Touch 2G and iPhone 3GS.



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