Victorinox Secure Pro USB Flash Drive

Victorinox Secure Pro USB Flash drive

Victorinox Secure Pro USB Flash drive
Victorinox, maker of the Swiss Army Knife, introduces the Secure Pro “un-hackable” USB flash drive. The drive features AES256 encryption technology, MKI’s Schnuffi Platform Single Chip Technology, biometric fingerprint identification and a thermal sensor to provide unmatched protection of your data. It includes even self-destruct mechanism that irrevocably burns its CPU and memory chip.

Victorinox Secure Pro is available from 8GB to 32GB with a price ranging from GBP50 to GBP 180. Other than USB drive, it offers also LED Mini White Light, Retractable Ball Point Pen, Blade, Scissors, Nail File, Screwdrive and a keyring.



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