iRiver Lyumo M31 Shining and M41 Revolve MP3 Players

iRiver Lyumo M41 Revolve PMP
iRiver Lyumo M31 Shining MP3 player

iRiver Lyumo M31

Lyumo, a brand of iRiver, launches two new portable media players, the M31 Shining and the M41 Revolve. Both players have 4GB internal memory.

iRiver Lyumo M41 Revolve PMP

iRiver Lyumo M41

The M31 Shining is a MP3 player with integrated USB connector and a 128×32 OLED display. It supports MP3 and WMA files. The M41 Revolve, on the other hand, is a portable media player with a 1.7-inch display and support for MP3, WMA audio and AVI video. It supports Microsoft PlayFX and PureBass.

The Lyumo M31 Shining is priced at 3980 Yen while the M41 Revolve at 5980 Yen.



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