Jays t-JAYS Series In-ear Headphones

Jays t-JAYS Two In-ear Headphones

Jays t-JAYS Series In-ear Headphones

Jays introduces the new t-JAYS series in-ear headphones. Like the a-JAYS series, the new headphones is available in three versions, t-JAYS One, t-JAYS Two and t-JAYS Three. The t-JAYS features an angled sound tube and a flat design making it “one of the most comfortable and ergonomically dynamic earphones on the market.”

The t-JAYS One features 10 mm Dynamic Speaker with 18 Hz – 20 000 Hz frequency response. It comes with a Standard Black finish. The t-JAYS Two gets 10 mm Custom Dynamic Speaker with 17 Hz – 22 000 Hz frequncy and a deep high gloss black finish. Lastly, the feature-rich t-JAYS Three sports 10 mm TCD Dynamic Speaker offering 15 Hz – 25 000 Hz frequency response; and a rubber coated black finish.

All the t-JAYS in-ear headphones feature JAYS Sound Isolating Sleeves, a dividable TPE coated cable, and gold-plated 3.5mm plug. The Two and Three both come with stereo splitter and a flight adapter, and the Three gets also a travel case.

Jays t-JAYS One In-ear Headphones

Jays t-JAYS One

Jays t-JAYS Two In-ear Headphones

Jays t-JAYS Two

Jays t-JAYS Three In-ear Headphones

Jays t-JAYS Three



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