JuiceBar, PowerMonkey and XPower Portable Solar Chargers

CableOrganizer XPower Solar Portable PowerPack

CableOrganizer JuiceBar portable solar charger

eTailer offers several portable solar chargers. The JuiceBar is a compact charger with solar cell and comes with 12 of the most commonly used adapters for cell phones, iPods, MP3 players, PMP, portable gaming systems. The JuiceBar costs $40.21.

cableOrganizer PowerMonkey-eXplorer AC Solar Charger

The $149.21 PowerMonkey-eXplorer AC/Solar Charger has both solar cell for green power and four AC adapters for wall power. It can also be charge using USB. 10 device adapter tips and a carry pouch are included.

CableOrganizer Universal Solar Battery Charger

The Universal Solar Battery Charger is basically a solar charger for rechargeable batteries, including D, C, AA and AAA sizes. It also accepts Gum (Prismatic) batteries. The price is $22.43.

CableOrganizer XPower Solar Portable PowerPack

Lastly, the XPower Solar Portable PowerPack is ideal for camping trips, road trips, tailgating or power outage emergencies. It has a removable 5-watt solar panel and built-in 400 watt inverter. It has two AC outlets, one DC socket and one USB port to charge devices at the same time. The price is $193.49.



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