EIZO FlexScan S1921-X, S1721-X and S1701-X 5:4 LCD Monitors

EIZO FlexScan S1701-X 5-4 LCD Monitor
EIZO FlexScan S1921-X 5-4 LCD Monitor

EIZO FlexScan S1921-X

Monitor maker EIZO introduces three new FlexScan square 5:4 LCD monitors, the 19-inch  S1921-X and thr 17-inch S1721-X and S1701-X. These new displays are upgrades to current models in EIZO’s FlexScan lineup with the same names but with that -X to indicate their new features. One of the most notable new features are their two preset modes including a “Paper” Mode that simulates printed paper. EIZO adds also the Auto EcoView brightness sensor, EcoView Index..etc to these monitors.

EIZO FlexScan S1721-X 5-4 LCD Monitor

EIZO FlexScan S1721-X

The S1921-X, S1721-X and S1701-X all have a native resolution of 1280×1024. The first two models are based on vertical alignment (VA) panels and have a brightness of 250 cd/m2 and 178-degree viewing angle while the FlexScan S1701-X uses a twisted neumatic (TN) panel with a brightness of 300 cd/m2 and viewing angles of 160-degree.

These EIZO FlexScan LCD monitors are compatible with EIZO EcoView NET software that offers power savings for large installation. They have one DVI-D and one D-sub inputs.

EIZO FlexScan S1701-X 5-4 LCD Monitor

EIZO FlexScan S1701-X

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