Sony PIIQ range Headphones

Sony Exhale MDR-PQ5 in-ear headphones
Sony Marqii MDR-PQ1 headphones

Sony Marqii MDR-PQ1

Sony introduces the new PIIQ range of headphones, including the Marqii MDR-PQ1, Giip MDR-PQ2, Triqii MDR-PQ3 overhead headphones with closed, dynamic (supra-aural) ear cups, and the Exhale MDR-PQ5 and Qlasp MDR-PQ4 in-ear earbuds.

Sony Giip MDR-PQ2 headphones

Sony Giip MDR-PQ2

The Marqii features 40mm sound drivers for powerful bass. It has an adjustable headbands with thick pads. The Marqii gets also a pink detachable cord. It is priced at $99.99.

Sony Triqii MDR-PQ3 headphones

Sony Triqii MDR-PQ3

The Sony Triqii is equipped with 30mm drives and headband and housing that are specially coated to resist impacts and scratches. Yellow, Pink, Black and Multi-color versions are available. The Triqii is priced at $29.99.

As for earbuds, the Exhale has 13.5mm drivers while the Qlasp comes with 9mm drivers. The latter has soft clip-on earbuds to ensure a comfortable fit without slippage. They are priced at $14.99 and $24.99 respectively.

Sony Exhale MDR-PQ5 in-ear headphones

Sony Exhale MDR-PQ5

Sony Qlasp MDR-PQ4 in-ear earbuds

Sony Qlasp MDR-PQ4



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