N-trig DuoSense Digital Pencil

N-trig DuoSense Digital Pencil

N-trig DuoSense Digital Pencil

N-trig launches the Digital Pencil, part of its DuoSense pen solution combined with capacitive true multi-touch. In fact, the DuoSense is comprised of the battery-less Electrostatic pen and the newly release battery-powered Digital Pencil.

The DuoSense pen solution allows users to jot down an idea as soon as it occurs, requires no use of paper, and results in a more efficient, productive and mobile computing environment.

Electrostatic pen – An integral part of the digitizer, maintenance free and therefore ideal for the enterprise market. Using a conductive capacitor that is integrated as part of the pen, it connects to an electromagnetic field generated by an excitation coil in the digitizer. The frequencies of the conducted electromagnetic waves are controlled by the computer system, which enables a smooth handwriting experience.

Digital Pencil – A wireless power-efficient electronic pen, suitable for long life battery use. The DuoSense software identifies the position of the Pencil and the pressure level, removing the need for an excitation coil within the DuoSense digitizer and can be used either as an integral part of the solution or as an optional after-market accessory, enabling OEMs to offer system upgrades, making the Digital Pencil ideal for the consumer market.



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