Asus ROG G53, G51 3D and G73 3D Gaming Notebook

Asus ROG G53 3D Gaming Notebook

Asus ROG G53 3D Gaming Notebook

Asus is adding to its Republic of Gamers (ROG) line the new 15.6-inch G53 3D gaming notebook, which is the first 15-inch gaming notebook with NVIDIA’s 3D Vision-enabled next generation GPU. This notebook is powered by choice of Intel Core i3/i5/i7 processor, up to 16GB of RAM, and NVIDIA “Enthusiast” graphics. It can be equipped with SSD or hard drive and optional Blu-ray drive. The ROG G53 offers HDMI port for 3D signal output and USB 3.0 SuperSpeed interface.

Asus ROG 3D notebook

Asus also adds to the G51 series the new G51 3D model and the 17.3-inch G73Jw. The latter is a 3D-ready notebook with NVIDIA’s latest mobile GPU with full 3D support.

Also presented at the Computex 2010 are a concept-stage super-motherboard known as Immensity that is the first to pair an onboard GPU with Lucid, a technology that bridges at least two graphics cards regardless of chipset and vendor; and ARES, one of the world’s most powerful desktop graphics cards with total gaming muscle in the form of dual Radeon 5870 cores, 4GB GDDR5 memory and massive cooling.

Update: According to SiBEAM’s press release, Asus’ new G53 and G73Jw both feature the company’s WirelessHD technology to ensure “high-quality, uncompressed 1080p/60 video, robust transmission, and a latency-free experience for gaming and entertainment.”

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