T-Mobile gets LG Sentio, dLite and GS170 Mobile Phones for Summer

T-Mobile LG dLite clamshell
T-Mobile LG Sentio touchscreen phone

T-Mobile LG Sentio

T-Mobile is getting a trio of LG mobile phone this summer, the LG Sentio, LG dLite and LG GS170. This is the first collaboration between the two companies. Both the Sentio and dLite come equipped with T-Mobile Social Buzz, an application that provides easy access to your favorite social networking sites.

The LG Sentio is a touchscreen phone that is also known as LG Cookie Plus GS500. It features a 3-inch touchscreen, a 3 Megpaixel camera, built-in music and video player, GPS with location-based services and support for Visual Voicemail. It allows users to customize the home screen with widgets.

T-Mobile LG dLite clamshell

T-Mobile LG dLite

The LG dLite is known as the LG Lollipop GD580/VS800 in other markets. It has a hidden LED matrix on the outside of the phone that displays icons for alerts, caller ID, time and date, as well as uniquely customizable edge-lit LED light colors and patterns that can change on a whim. The phone comes with a 2.8-inch main display and supports Visual Voicemail. It is available in bubblegum and electric blue finishes.

T-Mobile LG GS170 Clamshell

T-Mobile LG GS170

Lastly, the LG GS170 is also a clamshell phone like the dLite. It has a color display, a VGA camera, Bluetooth 2.1 and support for MP3 ringtone.



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