Panasonic TH-152UX1, TH-103VX200U and TH-85VX200U Large Format Full HD 3D Plasma Displays

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Panasonic announced three new large format full HD 3D plasma displays, the flagship TH-152UX1 and TH-103VX200U, TH-85VX200U.

First of all, the Panasonic TH-152UX1 is a 152-inch plasma display with 4K x 2K (4096 x 2160) resolution Full HD 3D resolution. It is equivalent to nine 50-inch screens. The TH-103VX200U and TH-85VX200U are the 3D version of Panasonic’s 103-inch and 85-inch plasma displays.

These Full HD 3D plasmas feature Panasonic’s 3D ultra high-speed drive technology and new motion prediction technology eliminate crosstalk (ghosting) between left and right images to produce super fine crisp images. They have up to 5,000,000:1 contrast ratio and include the 30-bit Color Processing Engine to provide super-accurate color reproduction.

The Panasonic TH-152UX1 will be released in early 2011 while the TH-103VX200U, TH-85VX200U will be available in December 2010 for $65,000 and $45,000, respectively.



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