Super Talent ShuttleCraft SAS SSD

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Super Talent announced its new ShuttleCraft series SAS SSD. The new 2.5-inch enterprise SSD uses the Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) interface offering high performance, strong reliability and advanced management features required by enterprise servers.

Two versions will be released, the SLC-based ShuttleCraft S available in 60GB and 120GB; and the ShuttleCraft M using MLC flash to achieve 120GB and 240GB capacities. These SSDs include Wear Leveling, Bad Block Management, Error Correction and Power Failure Management features to meet enterprise needs.


Drive Description
ShuttleCraft S60 2.5″ Enterprise SAS, 60GB, SLC
ShuttleCraft S120 2.5″ Enterprise SAS, 120GB, SLC
ShuttleCraft M120 2.5″ Enterprise SAS, 120GB, MLC
ShuttleCraft M240 2.5″ Enterprise SAS, 240GB, MLC


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