Arctic K381 Keyboard and M551/M571 Gaming Mice

Arctic M571 gaming mouse

Arctic K381 Keyboard

Arctic launches the new K381 keyboard and two new gaming mice, the M551 and the M571, all with ergonomic designs.

The ultra slim Arctic K381 features chiclet keys and 12 one-touch office function buttons. It is just 12mm tall and has an extremely flat design. It is available in German, French, British, Czech, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, and Polish layout, in white or black colors. The price is $24.95

The M551 and M571 both have a resistant surface coating which helps to maintain the grip and touch and feature 800-2400dpi resolution. The M551 has LED indicator that displays the selected sensitivity level. Designed for professional users, the M571 adds a third mouse
button, which allows any multi‐fire setting or other functions. They are priced at $24.95 and $29.95 respectively.

Arctic M551 gaming mouse

Arctic M551

Arctic M571 gaming mouse

Arctic M571

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