Elecom USB Hub Strips

Elecom U2H-TZS410B usb hub strip
Elecom U2H-TZS410B usb hub strip

Elecom U2H-TZS410B

Elecom launches in Japan its power strip-like USB hub. Three models are available, the U2H-TZS410B powered by USB connection; the U2H-TZS420S and U2H-TZS720S that can be powered by either USB bus or AC power.

Both U2H-TZS410B (2520 Yen) and U2H-TZS420S (3990 Yen) offer 4 USB ports while the U2H-TZS720S (7035 Yen) provides 7 ports. All of them have dedicated on/off switch and indicator for each ports. They are available in silver and black.

Elecom U2H-TZS420S usb hub strip

Elecom U2H-TZS420S

Elecom U2H-TZS720S usb hub strip

Elecom U2H-TZS720S



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