Xtore MobilRAID Storage Systems for Professional Video and Audio Content Creators

Xtore MobilRAID 6Te

Advanced Industrial Computer Inc. (AIC) adds to its Xtore line the new MobilRAID Storage Systems designed for professional video and audio content creators. Two models are announced, the Xtore MobilRAID 6Te and the more compact Xtore MobilRAID 2Te.

Xtore MobilRAID 2Te storage system

Xtore MobilRAID 2Te

The new MobilRAID systems feature USB 2.0. Depends on model, some of them will get USB 3.0 FireWire, eSATA interfaces. The former also offers sustained data transfer rates of up to 240MB/s with eSATA and comes with built-in hardware RAID 6 data protection.

These Xtore MobilRAID systems have rugged enclosure and have a stretchable handle for portability. The Xtore MobilRAID 6Te is SSD ready and is shipped with six validated 2.5-inch WD 500GB capacity HDDs that support up to 3TB of raw storage (2TB of RAID 6 storage). THe price starts at $2850. The more compact and portable Xtore MobilRAID 2Te features RAID 0 /1/ data protection with two large capacity 3.5 inch WD 1TB capacity HDDs protected by a mirror mechanism. It starts at $985.

Xtore MobilRAID 2Te storage system models

Xtore MobilRAID 2Te Models (click to enlarge)

Xtore MobilRAID 6Te Models (click to enlarge)



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