Lemur EconoDriver, SafeDriver and AlertDrive Car Monitor Systems

Lemur SafeDriver driving habit monitor
Lemur EconoDriver fuel economy monitor

Lemur EconoDriver

Lemur Monitors announced three new auto monitoring solutions, EconoDriver, SafeDriver and AlertDrive, designed to empower consumers with additional insight into their vehicles’ operation.

Designed to help drivers drive smarter and more economically, the $79.95 EconoDriver relays real-time fuel economy. Users can even program in the current cost of gas and it will indicate how much money you are spending as you drive and how much you are wasting while idling.

Lemur SafeDriver driving habit monitor

Lemur SafeDriver

The $69.95 SafeDriver can record real-time information of maximum speed, distance traveled, and any sudden brakes. The device lets parent to understand their inexperienced teen drivers’ driving habits.

Lemur AlertDrive car speed monitor

Lemur AlertDrive

Lastly, the $49.95 AlertDrive is designed to ensure that when others operate your vehicle, they do so safely. It sends an audible alert when the driver passes 35 MPH to encourage safe driving within the city.  If the driver exceeds 70 MPH (or a custom selected speed), it will issue an intermittent alarm until the speed is decreased.



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