NVIDIA GeForce 400M Series GPUs

NVIDIA GeForce 400M Series GPUs GTX 470M

NVIDIA GeForce 400M Series GPUs GTX 470M

NVIDIA introduces the latest GeForce 400M Series graphics processing units (GPUs) for mobile computing, with support for NVIDIA Optimus and NVIDIA 3D Vision technologies. This new line of mobile GeForce includes GeForce GTX470M and GTX460M for enthusiast users; and GeForce GT445M, GT435M, GT425M, GT420M and GT415M for performance users.

The 400M series is NVIDIA’s first line of notebook GPU designed with NVIDIA’s Fermi architecture and built from the ground-up for Microsoft DirectX 11. It includes the NVIDIA Optimus technology for extending notebook battery life by automatically switching on and off the GPU.

Other than support for 3D Vision, PhysX, CUDA, The GeForce 400M also gets NVIDIA Verde notebook drivers for system stability and optimal performance and support for NVIDIA 3DTV Play software, for connecting 3D Vision-based notebooks and desktops to a 3D TV.



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