Sanho HyperDrive iPad Hard Drive

Sanho HyperDrive iPad Hard Drive

Sanho HyperDrive iPad Hard Drive

Sanho launches the new HyperDrive iPad Hard Drive with up to 750GB storage capacity. The drive connects to the iPad using the Apple Camera Connection kit. As for overcome the 32GB size limitation of the iPad, the HyperDrive comes with a unique patent pending ability to turn individual file folders into virtual 32GB drives on the fly that is readable by the iPad.

The HyperDrive has a 3.2-inch LCD screen for you to select the folder you want to see on the iPad screen. The device is also a card reader or memory card backup device supporting 12 memory card formats, including SD/SDHC, MS, xD, MMC. Its screen can also be used to display JPEG and RAW image files, making it a ideal companion not only for the iPad but also digital camera/DSLR.

The HyperDrive iPad Hard Drive comes in capacities ranging from 120GB to 750GB. The price is $299 for 120GB model and $599 for 750GB. You may want to get the casing only for $249.00 if you want to use your own 2.5-inch SATA drive.


  • Connects to the iPad to transfer photos, movies and other media
  • Connect HyperDrive as a USB hard drive to the computer
  • Import any data from memory card directly, without a computer
  • Browse through RAW or JPEG photos on built-in 3.2″ color LCD screen
  • Image slideshow, R/G/B/L histogram and EXIF display
  • Advanced photo browser and file manager
  • Manage all files that are stored on the HyperDrive
  • Recover deleted, corrupted photos on the memory card
  • Perform hard drive and memory card diagnostic checks
  • Support multiple partitioned hard drive formats
  • Hard drive and memory card benchmark tools


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