Key Digital KD-VP750 and KD-VP1250 Digital Video Processors

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Key Digital announced the KD-VP750 and KD-VP1250 digital video processors for commercial and residential markets, which are the latest addition to the HD Hot Rod series. These processors features video processing techniques using Key Digital’s LHBC (Linear High Bandwidth Circuit) and SDS™ (Super Digital Scaling) circuits.

The KD-VP750 can up-convert all of your SD sources to Component /RGBHV formats to seamlessly incorporate them into your existing SD / HD switching or distribution equipment. The more advanced KD-VP1250 comes with sophisticated hardware and software, allowing for superior interconnectivity of VGA/RGBHV and digital video sources without the typical connection glitches found when syncing your computer source with a display/projector. It can act as a universal distribution center for any SD, VGA/RGBHV resolutions to any Component or HDMI video resolutions, supporting most interlaced and progressive video formats such as 480p (60Hz), 720p (60Hz & 50Hz), 576p (50Hz) and 1080i/540p (60Hz & 50Hz) to all HDTV outputs.



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