Samsung QX, SF and RF Series Notebooks and NF series Netbook

Samsung QX, SF and RF Series Notebooks

Samsung QX, SF and RF Series Notebooks

Samsung introduces three new series of notebooks at the IFA 2010, including the QX series crafted from the finest materials to deliver high performance and mobility; the SF series with stylish and streamlined design; and the RF series multimedia notebook. Samsung also brings the new NF series netbook that shares the unique design of SF series.

The Samsung QX series is available in 13.3-inch (QX310), 14-inch (QX410) and 15.6-inch (QX510) screen sizes. The 14-inch QX410 model gets Intel Core i5 processor and NVIDIA graphics with Optimus auto graphics switching technology. The QX series has an aluminum body with airfoil design.

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The ultra portable SF series comes in three models, the 13.3-inch SF310, 14-inch SF410 and the 15.6-inch SF510. All of them have streamlined design with contoured line and rounded edges. The $799 SF510 packs Core i3 CPU, onboard Intel graphics and offers 7 hours of battery life.

The multimedia-oriented RF series includes the 14-inch RF410, 15.6-inch RF510 and the larger 17.3-inch RF710. Designed for multimedia purpose, the RF line is equipped with Intel Core i5/i7 CPU and dedicated NVIDIA GeForce GT330M graphics with 1GB of RAM or GT420M card with 2GB or memory. RF510-S02 and RF710 models both have Core i7-720QM and the RF510-S01 sports Core i5-460M.

Samsung QX, SF and RF Series Notebooks 2

Lastly, Samsung brings the NF series netbook including the NF110, NF210 and NF310. The NF210 boasts Atom N455 processor, 1GB of RAM, 250GB hard drive and Intel GMA3150 graphics. It has a 10.1-inch 1024×600 LCD display. The price is $379.

Samsung USA Press Release

Samsung’s Fall Laptop Line-Up Combines Sophisticated Design with Exceptional Performance
September 2, 2010

New QX, SF and RF Series Set the Bar for Mobile PC Buyers

RIDGEFIELD PARK, N.J., September 2, 2010 – Samsung Electronics America Inc., a subsidiary of Samsung Electronics Corporation, today announced a series of new mobile PC products that combine Samsung’s signature style and premium performance for use at home, in the office, or on-the-go.  The new QX410, SF510, RF510 and RF710 laptops and the NF series netbooks showcase Samsung’s continued dedication to innovation in mobile computing, and set a new standard for premium and functional design at any price point.

“Samsung continues to evolve our mobile PC line-up creating a sleeker, more stylish and technologically superior product perfect for professionals, students, or multimedia-focused consumers,” said Todd Bouman, director of product marketing at Samsung Enterprise Business Division.  “More importantly, the technological innovations within the QX, SF, RF and NF series of mobile PCs underscore Samsung’s position as a leader in mobile computing, offering consumers the performance they’ve come to expect in an aesthetically pleasing package.”

QX410: Superior Design, Unbeatable Performance
At just under one inch in thickness, Samsung’s new QX410 laptop combines a light-weight ultra-chic aluminum design and unparalleled battery performance to create an elegantly streamlined and efficient computing machine.

Centered on Samsung’s hallmark edge-to-edge 14-inch HD SuperBright LED display, the QX410 integrates an all-new buttonless, easily configurable multi-function gesture pad, introducing users to a host of multi-finger interface commands while increasing accuracy and speed.

Additionally, the QX410 is powered by a state-of-the-art Intel CoreTM i5 processor.  Further complementing the QX410’s performance is a hybrid graphics system, optimized on-the-go based on users’ needs.  NVIDIA OptimusTM automatically switches between the onboard Intel graphics and NVIDIA discrete graphics to efficiently manage battery life for basic applications, also delivering high-quality performance for intensive activities like gaming and multimedia on-demand.

The QX410 makes use of Samsung’s new lithium polymer batteries, which achieve up to 7 hours of battery life on average.  Lithium polymer batteries extend the life of the product with double the lifespan for up to 3 years or 1,000 charging cycles.

RF510 and RF710: Premium Performance Powerhouses
The RF510 and RF710 laptops emphasize extreme performance, while maintaining a sleek and refined style.   They are accentuated by a distinctive black radial pattern on the display enclosure and a two-tone interior design.

Powered by either an Intel CoreTM i5 or i7 processor with Intel Turbo Boost Technology, the RF510 and RF710 take aim at gamers, multimedia aficionados and design buffs offering extreme computing power.  Further complementing the processor are powerful NVIDIA GeForce GT 330M graphics with 1 GB of dedicated memory delivering up to 30 times better performance over integrated graphics bringing hyper-realistic gaming to life or allowing for easy photos and videos editing.  With these applications in mind, the RF710 notebook features two hard drive bays making the laptop capable of carrying over 1TB of storage allowing users to house their entire media library on their laptop.  The RF series also introduces USB 3.0 to Samsung’s laptop line-up.

SuperBright LED displays enhance the experience with HD+ (1600×900) resolution in the RF710 and HD (1366 x 768) resolution in the RF510, making them the ultimate choice for multimedia applications. Additionally, the RF-series laptops have full, island-style keyboards with number pads for optimal gaming and graphic applications.  Standard in the RF710, a Blu-ray drive allows users to watch their favorite HD movies on Samsung’s incredible SuperBright LED backlit display.

SF510: Sleek, Simple and Sophisticated
Integrating a uniquely contoured clamshell design, the new SF510 is hip and sophisticated without sacrificing computing power or functionality. Gently cradling the ultra-sharp 15.6-inch SuperBright HD LED backlit display in an ivory exterior and chocolate interior design, the SF510 features fluid and ergonomic design.  Moreover, it conveniently places control in the user’s hands, with the multi-touch gesture pad and easily identifiable quick-access buttons for volume and WiFi for simple, intuitive operation.

The SF510 is powered by an Intel CoreTM i3 processor and like the QX series, capitalizes on Samsung’s new lithium polymer batteries offering up to 7 hours of battery life for users.  The SF510, with its ultra portable, stylish design and powerful performance, makes anytime, anywhere mobile computing a practical and affordable reality.

Enhanced Usability and Connectivity
The QX, SF, and RF laptops can communicate with other Samsung devices with Easy File Share,  a simple  to use peer-to-peer networking feature that allows users to quickly and securely exchange files, images, movies, and music wirelessly with any other laptop, netbook or wireless-enabled PC.  Samsung’s AllShareTM technology features an intuitive interface that makes it easy to broadcast content over a user’s WiFi network to Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) enabled devices like HDTVs and even mobile phones.

Samsung’s Support Center ensures all this content can stay safe, or can help troubleshoot any particular problem.  Accessible with a keyboard shortcut, the Support Center helps users manage their system settings or can setup tech-support web chat.  Samsung’s Back-up & Recovery Solution also allows users to create and restore back-ups of system data on the device, or on a network or removable storage device.

Also enhancing usability is Samsung’s Fast Start feature, which easily allows the user to put their laptop or netbook in an advanced state of sleep, to reduce power consumption while the device is not in use. The user’s session can then be restored in as little as 3 seconds.

To help improve the laptop audio experience, the new QX, RF and SF series laptops feature Samsung’s new True2SoundTM audio system, which delivers a more natural and realistic auditory experience with round speakers and a bigger acoustic chamber.  Enhanced bass, crystal clear dialog and better definition control for maximum clarity is provided through SRS Premium Sound processing.

Lastly, focusing on convenience and connectivity, the new laptops boast built-in WiMax in the SF and QX series, and utilize the latest in Wi-Fi and USB Sleep & Charge technologies.

NF Series: Ultra Light, Ultra Portable, Ultra Capable
Taking a style cue from the SF-series laptops, the NF Series netbooks provide users with an ultra-portable solution to mobile computing.  Encapsulated by a light-weight contoured clamshell case, the NF210, with ivory exterior and chocolate interior, features an Intel Atom N455 processor and incredible battery performance of up to 14 hours, making the NF210 an all-day computing companion.

The NF210 features a crystal clear HD LED backlit display for mobile enjoyment and work applications on-the-go.  Additionally, the NF210 can quickly connect PC-to-PC over ad-hoc WiFi connections, simply and easily.  For the ultimate in easy home networking, the AllShareTM feature allows users to share and play videos, photos, and music across a range of Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) certified devices, including TVs, cameras and handsets.

QX410 Key Features:
– CPU: Intel CoreTM i5 processor (i5-460M)
– Genuine Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit
– Memory: 4GB DDR3
– Hard Drive: Up to640GB
– Screen: 14-inch HD LED backlit display
– Resolution: 1366 x 768
– Graphics: Hybrid Graphics NVIDIA GeForce 310M w/ 512MB dedicated RAM
– Audio technology: True2SoundTM SRS Premium SoundTM
– Optical Drive: DVD Super Multi DL
– Battery: Lithium polymer; up to 7 hrs
– Speakers: 3 W Stereo Speaker (1.5 W x 2)
– Wireless: 802.11b/g/n; WiMax
– 4-in-1 media reader
– Weight: 5 lbs.
– MSRP: $899

SF510 Key Features:
– CPU: Intel CoreTM i3 processor (i3-370M)
– Genuine Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit
– Memory: 4GB DDR3
– Hard Drive: Up to500GB
– Screen: 15.6-inch SuperBright HD LED backlit display
– Resolution: 1366 x 768
– Graphics: Intel HD Graphics
– Audio technology: True2SoundTM SRS Premium SoundTM
– Optical Drive: DVD Super Multi DL
– Battery: Lithium polymer; up to 7 hrs
– Wireless: 802.11b/g/n; WiMax
– 4-in-1 media reader
– Weight: 5.3 lbs.
– MSRP: $799

RF510-S01 / RF510-S02 / RF710 Key Features:
– CPU:
– RF510-S02 & RF710 Intel CoreTM i7 processor (i7-720QM)
– RF510-S01 Intel Core i5 processor (i5-460M)
– Genuine Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit
– Memory: 4GB DDR3
– Hard Drive: Dual-bay architecture with up to 640GB drive (RF510-S02/RF710) & up to 500GB for RF510-S01
– Screen:
– RF510: 15.6-inch SuperBright HD LED backlit display
– RF710: 17.3-inch SuperBright HD LED backlit display
– Resolution:
– RF510: 1366×768
– RF710: 1600×900
– Graphics: Discreet NVIDIA GeForce GT 330M with 1GB dedicated memory
– Audio technology: True2SoundTM SRS Premium SoundTM
– Optical Drive: RF510 DVD Super Multi DL; RF710: Blu-ray optical drive
– Battery: Lithium Ion; up to 4.5 hrs
– Connectivity: 802.11b/g/n; Bluetooth 3.0, Wired 10/100/1000
– Weight: RF510: 5.7 lbs.; RF710: 6.4 lbs.
– RF510-S02 w/ Intel CoreTM i7: $1,079
– RF510-S01 w/ Intel CoreTM i5: $939
– RF710: $1,099

NF210 Key Specs:
– CPU: Intel AtomTM N455 processor
– Genuine Windows 7 Starter
– Memory: 1GB DDR3
– Hard Drive: Up to 250GB
– Screen: 10.1-inch HD LED backlit display
– Resolution: 1024×600
– Graphics: Intel GMA3150 Integrated graphics
– Speakers: 3 W Stereo Speaker (1.5 W x 2)
– Battery: up to 14 hrs
– Wireless: 802.11b/g/n
– Weight: 2.97 lbs.
– MSRP: $379

The QX, SF and RF-series notebooks and the NF-series netbook will be available in Fall 2010. All Samsung mobile PC products are available through Samsung resellers and distribution channels, which can be located by calling 1-800-SAMSUNG or by visiting

Samsung Press Release

Sept 2nd 2010, Berlin, Germany – Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd, a global leader in digital media and digital convergence technologies, is proud to launch a series of innovative and pioneering products at this year’s IFA in Berlin. At IFA 2010, Samsung is putting its achievements in mobile computing on full display. The company is showcasing the world’s first LTE-HSPA+ dual mode netbook, the Samsung N350.

Delivering its advancements in both design and performance, Samsung has crafted these products to meet the needs of its customers’ dynamic and rapidly changing lifestyles. Each product has been skillfully designed to enhance previous capabilities while delivering entirely fresh and exciting user experiences.

Samsung continues to offer the market the best in design and performance. With its continued success in both technology and business, Samsung is confident that users will see the instant benefits of each of these innovations as it helps its customers to live smarter lives.

“IFA is a tremendous platform for Samsung to launch its newest innovations. The products we are launching at the event truly demonstrate Samsung’s commitment to delivering the finest in technology with optimum designs to meet the demands of every lifestyle,” said Seongwoo Nam, Executive Vice President and Head of IT Solutions Business at Samsung Electronics. “Recognizing the future of wireless network technology, Samsung created a netbook that is both LTE and HSPA+ equipped. This world first shows that Samsung is relentless in its pursuit of the best technologies so that our customers can have the highest quality user experiences. It gives us great pleasure to usher in a new era in mobile computing technology,” he added.

N350 – LTE-HSPA+ dual mode enabled netbook

The new ultra-thin N350 is a light and compact netbook with embedded LTE-HSPA+ dual mode technology. This new technology gives users the best in wireless technologies allowing them to experience internet speeds that are comparable with fixed internet services. The N350 harnesses the power of two technologies and allows users to make the most of both 3G and 4G networks. Using dual mode technology, users will be able to stay connected in areas without LTE services using a standard and widely available 3G network.

QX series notebooks – portable, premium, performance

The QX series has been crafted from the finest materials to deliver high performance and mobility in three screen sizes – 13.3″ (QX310), 14″ (QX410) and 15.6″ (QX510). Today’s upwardly-mobile professional will be drawn to the notebook that mirrors their passion for performance with its impressive feature range and uncompromising design. At just 27mm in thickness and weighing in at just 1.99kg (13″ screen model), the QX series’ streamlined body with airfoil design makes the notebooks as eye-catching as they are powerful. The QX series is both stylish and reliable, having been tested to withstand even the most extreme conditions. A combination aluminum LCD back and edge-to-edge LCD display, coupled with side doors to hide a variety of connection ports, ensures a smooth, unbroken design profile. The QX series’ premium lithium-polymer battery gives an incredible 6.9 hours of battery life giving you the freedom to perform.

SF series notebooks and NF series netbooks – design sophistication

The SF series ultra-portable notebooks (Samsung SF310, SF410 and SF510) couple stylish, streamlined design with contoured line and rounded edges for increased mobile convenience. Inspired and elegantly crafted, Samsung has taken a new approach to design and focused on streamlining the body for fashionable and trendsetting lifestyles. It is available in three different screen sizes (13.3″ SF310, 14″ SF410 and 15.6″ SF 510) and shows refined craftsmanship that is both ultra-light and scratch resistant.

The NF series netbooks (Samsung NF 110, NF210 and NF 310) share the unique design of SF series and boost mobility with enhanced battery life. The Samsung SF series and NF series will be available in Europe from October 2010.

RF series notebooks – powering multimedia

RF series notebooks are the highest performing products in Samsung’s award-winning portfolio. The quad-core performance notebooks are crafted to perform to high standards and come in three screen-sizes – 14″ (RF410), 15.6″ (RF510), and 17.3″ (RF710).

Multimedia lovers and gamers will benefit from the RF series’ super-fast processors and dazzling graphics while the range’s minimalist design and clean lines will appeal to even the most style conscious consumers. To ensure convenient access to a true multimedia experience, the RF range provides dedicated multimedia controls, powerful speakers and a bigger acoustic chamber enhanced by realistic 3D SRS Premium Sound.

Samsung’s RF series notebooks come equipped with nVIDIA’s latest graphics solution – a GT330M video card with 1GB of memory or a GT420M card with 2GB or memory – that will make 3D games and HD video shine. The RF Series’ two bay hard disk slots which can be enhanced to up 1TB storage will provide the ultimate multimedia experiences.

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