NEC MultiSync EA192M and E201W Enterprise Desktop LCD Monitors

NEC MultiSync E201W Enterprise Desktop LCD Monitor
NEC MultiSync E201W Enterprise Desktop LCD Monitor

NEC MultiSync E201W

NEC brings to enterprise and corporate users two new desktop LCD monitos, the 19-inch MultiSync EA192M and the widescreen 20-inch MultiSync E201W. These displays utilize LED-backlight technology that allows less greenhouse gas emissions, and reduces power consumption and heat radiation, making them more eco-friendly. They also use more recycled plastics, less hazardous materials and are mercury-free.

NEC MultiSync EA192M Enterprise Desktop LCD Monitor

NEC MultiSync EA192M

The EA192M and E201W have 1280×1024 resolution with 5:4 aspect ratio, and 1600 x 900 16:10 aspect ratio, respectively. They have 25,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio, ambient light sensor that automatically minimizes power consumption and DisplayPort connectivity, along with VGA and DVI-D. These monitors come with a fully ergonomic adjustable stand (110mm height-adjust, tilt, swivel and pivot) and the EA192M packs also integrated down-firing speakers.

The NEC MultiSync EA192M is priced at $239 while the E201W costs $199. They will be released this month.



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