Canon BU-46H outdoor and BU-51H indoor Remote-Control HD Pan-Tilt-Zoom Cameras

Canon BU-46H outdoor Remote-Control HD Pan-Tilt-Zoom Camera
Canon BU-46H outdoor Remote-Control HD Pan-Tilt-Zoom Camera

Canon BU-46H outdoor

Canon launches two new remote-control HD pan-tilt-zoom cameras, the BU-46H and the BU-51H, to serve a wide range of broadcast and professional users. The BU-46H outdoor and the BU-51H indoor remote-control cameras both feature three 1/3-inch (1.67 million-pixel) CCD sensors (1440 H x 1080 V), an advanced Canon Auto Focus function, Canon Image Stabilizer, and a new 2X digital extender to double the image size of distant objects captured with the cameras’ 20X Canon HD zoom lens.

Canon BU-51H indoor Remote-Control HD Pan-Tilt-Zoom Camera

Canon BU-51H indoor

The BU-46H and BU-51H also offer a newly designed Night Mode feature that slows down the shutter speed to a minimum of 1/4 (60i, 30F) or 1/3 (50i, 25F, 24F), allowing frame accumulation that elevates camera sensitivity. The BU-51H includes also a built-in microphone with adjustable settings, pan/tilt/zoom focus position information output and a maximum noise level of NC30. Designed for outdoor use, the Canon BU-46H sports a weatherproof housing that meets the IP-45 specifications for dust- and waterproof-efficiency. Its housing includes a “windshield-wiper” type blade to keep its lens port clear. The BU-46H can pan through ± 340 degrees and tilt + 30 degrees ~ -50 degrees.

Both the BU-46H and BU-51H remote-control cameras provide genlock input for broadcast video-system synchronization. Video outputs include HD-SDI with embedded audio for HD recording and a simultaneous analog composite output (NTSC or PAL) for monitoring. Short- and long-distance control systems interface via RS-422 connections.



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