Foremay has the world’s fastst 1.8-inch SSD

Foremay has the world's fastst 1.8-inch SSD

Foremay has the world's fastst 1.8-inch SSD

Pasadena, California-based company Foremay, one of the world’s Top 10 SSD OEMs, begins shipping the world’s fatest 1.8-inch SSD. Foremays’ 1.8-inch SSD uses standard microSATA interface and offers up to 280MB/s read/write speeds, 4kB random IOPS of 30,000 in read and 15,000 in write, and capacity up to 400 GB.

The 1.8-inch SSD has a length that is 7mm less than an American Express Credit card. With such a small form factor, it is capable of being deployed not only in high end laptops, but also in industrial PC, HPC and enterprise servers.

Foremay offers the high-speed 1.8-inch SSD technology in SSD families, the SC199 and EC188 with 5mm thickness and the OC177 that is just 3.3mm thick. The SC199 is designed for high reliability rugged applications, the EC188 is for high performance applications, and the OC177 is to deliver integrated on-board computing with minimized footprint requirements for embedded solid state disk storage applications.

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