TDK Three-Speaker Boombox and Two-Speaker Boombox

TDK Two-Speaker Boombox

TDK Three-Speaker Boombox

TDK has just introduced two new boombox speakers, the Three-Speaker Boombox and the Two-Speaker Boombox. Both of them are heading to the CES 2011 and will be released in January 2011. The Three-Speaker packs a 15-watt woofer at the center, and two 10-watt stereo speakers with edge-driven tweeters at their center. It uses woven carbon fiber speaker cones.

TDK Two-Speaker Boombox

TDK’s new 3-speaker boombox is framed with wide slabs of thick aluminum and is covered with a piano-black gloss acrylic. The boombox includes support for iPod and iPhone via USB port, and supports direct playback of MP3, AAC and WMA from USB flash drives. It has built-in AM/FM tuner and offers RCA, mini stereo jack and a 1/4-inch instrument input. You can also find capacitive touch buttons and an OLED display.

TDK will also release the Two-Speaker Boombox, a little sound cube, a turntable and a pair of headphones.



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