iHome iA63, iA17 and iA91 App-Enhanced Alarm Clock Radios

iHome iA91 App-Enhanced Alarm Clock Radio speaker

iHome iA63 App-Enhanced Alarm Clock Radio

iHome is showing three new app-enhanced alarm clock radio systems for iPhone and iPod, including the iA63 Alarm Clock FM Radio Speaker System, iA17 alarm clock FM radio and the iA91 dual alarm clock radio. All of them works with the free iHome+Sleep for personalized bedside experience.

iHome iA17 App-Enhanced Alarm Clock Radio

The iHome iA63 is a Alarm Clock FM Radio Speaker System with Motorized Rotating Dock for iPhone and iPod. It’s equipped with a motorized dock that can rotate an iPod or iPhone from vertical to landscape at the touch of a button, making it ideal for widescreen video viewing.

iHome iA91 App-Enhanced Alarm Clock Radio speaker

The iHome iA17 is a color changing alarm clock FM radio. It offers five modes giving users a variety of ways to cycle through a spectrum of 27 colors, including a Pulse Mode that syncs the flashing colors with the music.

Lastly, the iA91 offers dual alarm and stereo radio with AM and FM presets. It costs $99.



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