Panasonic SC-HC55, SC-HC05, SC-HC35 and SC-HC25 Stereo Systems

Panasonic SC-HC55 stereo system with Bluetooth
Panasonic SC-HC55 stereo system with Bluetooth

Panasonic SC-HC55

Panasonic is launching four new stereo audio system, including SC-HC55, SC-HC05, SC-HC35 and SC-HC25.  Top models, SC-HC55 and SC-HC05, both feature Internet radio and Bluetooth connectivity for wireless music streaming from Bluetooth audio sources, including iPod touch, iPhone and iPad. They also include Bluetooth Re-Master circuitry, which compensates for audio signals that are lost during Bluetooth wireless transmission, and the Pure Direct Sound System digital signal processing to further enhance the quality of digital music.

Panasonic SC-HC05 stereo system with Bluetooth

Panasonic SC-HC05

The Panasonic SC-HC55 also comes with hands-free function allowing phone call conversation on the iPhone using built-in speakers and microphone. All these stereo systems are equipped with a CD player and AM/FM radio. The SC-HC55 sports a motorized, Touch-Free Sensor door which is equipped with a motion sensor, enabling it to open and close by simply passing a hand over it.

Panasonic will launch these systems in April.

Panasonic SC-HC35 stereo system

Panasonic SC-HC35

Panasonic SC-HC25 stereo system

Panasonic SC-HC25



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