Samsung HM1610, HM3600 and Modus 6450 Bluetooth Headsets

Samsung Modus 6450 Bluetooth Headset


Samsung Modus 6450 Bluetooth Headset

Samsung Modus 6450


Samsung expands its line of Bluetooth headsets with three new additions, the HM1610, HM3600 and the Modus 6450. The premium Modus 6450 is the second model in Samsung’s Modus family. It has an elegant, and fasionable design with a sleek crystal-blue form factor. The headset can be worn as a mono-style headset for placing and receiving calls and readily transforms into a stereo Bluetooth headset when connected to the included stereo ear bud headset for an enhanced audio experience.

Samsung HM3600 Bluetooth 3.0 headset

Samsung HM3600


The Modus 6450 supports voice commands and EQ settings through a separate Voice Command Button on the headset. It features dual-mic noise/echo cancellation and SoundAlive stereo audio enhancements; and works with the free Samsung FreeSync Android application for more advanced features.

Samsung HM1610 Bluetooth 3.0 headset

Samsung HM1610

Samsung’s HM3600 has ultra-comfortable on-ear design minimizing ear fatigue during long duration and active lifestyle usage. It features voice prompts, dual mmicro noise reduction/echo cancellation. Lastly, the Samsung HM1610 sports Near End Enhanced Audio Technology, single-mic noise/echo reduction, Wind Noise cancellation, CSR CVC v6 Receive Side Audio Enhancements.

The HM3600 and HM1610 both support Bluetooth 3.0 and all three models supports multipoint Bluetooth connection.



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