Sony SRS-A3, SRS-D4 and SRS-D5 PC Speakers

Sony SRS-A3 PC Speaker System
Sony SRS-A3 PC Speaker System

Sony SRS-A3



Sony announced in Europe three new PC speakers, the compact SRS-A3 and the gaming and video optimized SRS-D4, SRS-D5. The SRS-A3 speaker system includes two compact cabinets delivering a total of 5W of stereo output.

The Sony SRS-D4 is an entry-level D-series speaker system with a combined output of 27W from its 2.1 speaker format. Power, volume and bass volume controls are integrated into a relatively compact sub-woofer and the satellites feature a distinctive raised border around the speaker grill. The SRS-D5 offers 40W output and is slightly larger all round than the D4. Its sub-woofer is constructed from medium density fibreboard (MDF) for improved sound quality.

Sony SRS-D4 PC Speaker System

Sony SRS-D4


Sony SRS-D5 PC Speaker System

Sony SRS-D5




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