NextComputing Vigor EX Rugged Portable Workstation

NextComputing adds the new Vigor EX to its Vigor rugged portable workstation family. Designed to handle compute-hungry tasks, such as geospatial imagery analysis, UAV ground control, or HD digital video processing, normally assigned to full-sized systems, the Vigor EX is compact and easy to transport and setup.

The rugged portable workstation has a dual-chassis design featuring shock-mounted internal chassis suspended in a rugged, mil-anodized external chassis with no metal-to-metal contact. It is powered by single or Intel Xeon processor or single Intel Core i7 processor and up to 48GB ECC or 24GB non-ECC DDR3 RAM. The computer comes with over 7TB (terabytes) internal storage capacity with upwards of 1.2GB/s sustained RAID write performance and offers up to 7 full-length, full-height PCI Express and PCI slots for expansion. The Vigor EX has an integrated 17-inch HD LCD display.

You can find removable back-panel that allows full access to hot-swappable drives and all internal components for easy service and upgrades.



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