Energizer Single Zone Inductive Charger, iPhone 4 Qi Sleeve and Mini/Micro USB Adapter

Energizer Single Zone Inductive Charger

Energizer Single Zone Inductive Charger

Energizer is launching its new Single Zone Inductive Charger. Based on Qi wireless charging technology, Energizer’s wireless charger can wireless charge any device with Qi-enabled battery case. The slim Single Zone charger can charge any Qi device 5 Watts or less.

Energizer Qi Sleeves for iPhone 4

Along with the new Inductive Charger, Energizer brings the Qi Sleeves for iPhone 4, iPhone 3G/3GS; Qi Door for BlackBerry Curve 8900; and the slim, compact Micro/Mini USB Adapter that conveniently adheres to the back of any phone. With these adapters and sleeve, any mobile phones are now Qi-ready for inductive wireless charging.

Energizer Qi Door for BlackBerry Curve 8900

Other products to be released:

  • Energizer Travel Adapter: This all-in-one AC adapter includes iPhone/iPod dock, nightlight, three AC outlets and two USB outlets with numerous converters for international travel.
  • Energizer AC Universal USB Wall Charger: A single or dual wall model is ideal for charging smartphones, MP3 players, digital cameras and most other USB-powered gadgets, with a fold-out plug for easy storage and travel.
  • Energizer DC Universal USB Car Charger: Available in single or double model, the charger quickly converts a car/truck DC outlet into a USB charging station.


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