Sony DR-GA100, DR-ZX103USB, DR-ZX102DPV and DR-EX13DPV PC Headsets

Sony DR-GA100 PC Headset
Sony DR-GA100 PC Headset

Sony DR-GA100

Sony introduces in Europe market four new PC headsets, including the open-type DR-GA100, the closed-type DR-ZX103USB and DR-ZX102DPV, and the in-ear DR-EX13DPV.

Optimized for everyday gaming, Sony’s DR-GA100 is also ideal for VoIP and music listening. It features a  newly-designed soft cushion earpad and light, low-pressure headband and a noise-cancelling boom microphone. The headset cord has in-line volume control. It also includes the Virtual Phones Technology by Sony that assures full, rich reproduction of voice and music from any source.

Sony DR-ZX103USB PC Headset with USB audio box

Sony DR-ZX103USB


The DR-ZX103USB and DR-ZX102DPV (available in black and white), ideal for music, video and VoIP, both feature closed-type 30mm driver units and in-line microphone for VoIP conversations. The former comes with a USB audio box that reduces background noise levels for even clearer, more intelligible speech, and offers a volume control and mute function for handy level adjustments.

Sony DR-ZX102DPV PC headset

Sony DR-ZX102DPV


The in-ear DR-EX13DPV is designed business travelers and on-the-go VoIP users who need high-quality speech with less to carry. It features a 9mm EX drive and in-line microphone and volume control. The headset comes in black and white.

Sony DR-EX13DPV in-ear PC Headset



Sony will also release three new microphones. The ECM-PC60 electret condenser microphone is designed for for VoIP, PC gaming. It comes with an angle-adjustable stand for desk mounting, plus a tie-clip mount for recording a presenter/interviewee on your PC or digital voice recorder. The ECM-TL3 is an earphone style electret condenser model that’s ideal for recording conversations while you’re holding a telephone handset or mobile to your ear. The ECM-CS3 is an affordable omni-directional mic that clips discreetly onto a lapel or clothing for recording lectures, meetings or interviews.

Sony’s new PC headsets and microphones will be available in April.

Sony ECM-PC60 microphone for VoIP, PC gaming

Sony ECM-PC60

Sony DR-GA100, DR-ZX103USB, DR-ZX102DPV and DR-EX13DPV PC Headsets specs

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