McTiVia HD Media Streamer

McTiVia HD Media Streamer

McTiVia HD Media Streamer
CompuExpert, part Digital Interactive Systems Corp, is launching Awing’s McTiVia, a networked HD media streamer that brings all content from either Mac or Windows-based computers to your HDTV wirelessly. With McTiVia, you can easily share any content such as video, music, photos, from your computer with friends and family in the comfort of your living room.

McTiVia HD Media Streamer back

The McTiVia connects to HDTV via HDMI connection and uses home network to access and stream content from computer. The device can serve as a wireless access point and it allows up to 8 computers to be controlled from it via mouse or keyboard. Awind’s McTiVia sports WM8510 chipset, 128MB RAM and supports Ethernet LAN and WiFi 802.11b/g/n connectivity (two WiFi antenna included). It offers HDMI 1.2 output supporting up to 720p resolution. If your are using iPad, using the additional MirrorOp iPad app, you can control the source computer using the touchscreen of iPad.

The McTiVia streamer will be available in late May for $199.



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