Tachyon OPS and OPS HD Helmet Cameras

Tachyon OPS and OPS HD Helmet Cameras

Tachyon OPS and OPS HD Helmet Cameras

Following the XC series, Tachyon introduces the new OPS and OPS HD, the smallest and lightest helmet cameras on the market. The head cams offer easy one-button operation. The OPS records SD video at 30fps and the OPS HD records HD 720p video at 30fps. They both use microSD/SDHC memory card for recording. Their internal rechargeabl battery offers 2.5 hours of battery life on a single charge.

The Tachyon OPS and OPS cameras are priced at $99.99 and $149.99 respectively.

The OPS weighs in at only one ounce and measures just .95 inches in width and height and is 2.252 inches long. The OPS HD is only slightly larger. The OPS cameras also boast of a patented 8-way mounting system that gives the user an unparalleled range of mounting positions. The camera can face forward or backward towards the user, and can also rotate inside it’s mounts from the 12 to the 9 to the 6 to the 3 o’clock positions. This lets the user position the camera correctly, so that they can film from any direction.

The OPS line comes equipped with three standard mounts: A clip mount, with multiple angles of rotation. This mount is perfect for caps and straps and collars. A contour mount, for mounting to curved surfaces, such as motorcycle or bicycle helmets. And a standard tripod mount that will attach to any ¼-20 inch universal tripod screw.



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