IDAPT i1 Eco Universal Charger now Available

iDAPT i1 Eco is an eco-friendly dual charger

IDAPT releases its i1 Eco, an eco-friendly universal charger, which is made of recycled materials, meets Energy Star standards, and minimizes the user’s carbon footprint while charging most electronic devices. The i1 Eco is a dual charger offering a USB charging and a tip point of charger for uses with interchangeable tips to charge almost any electronic devices such as iPhone/iPad, Blackberry, camera, GPS device..etc.

The IDAPT i1 Eco has a stylish design. It can refuel mobile devices while at home or the go via wall outlet or included car adapter. Its Auto-off system will turn off the charger while not in use. IDAPT i1 Eco is available for $24.99, including microUSB, miniUSB and iPod/iPhone charging tips.



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