Buffalo RUF3 Series USB 3.0 Flash Drives

Buffalo RUF3-JMS USB 3.0 Flash Drive
Buffalo RUF3-JMS USB 3.0 Flash Drive

Buffalo RUF3-JMS

Buffalo is going to release in Japan in July four new RUF3 series USB 3.0 flash drives, coming in different colors and designs. The male-oriented RUF3-JMS and the RUF3-JW for women both have a capless design. The former is available in Night Color Black, Silver Moon, Earth Brown, Ocean Bluecolors and comes in 8GB, 16GB, 32GB and 64GB capacities (Only Black and Silver get 32GB and 64GB), while the RUF3-JW is offered in Rich Brown, Gloss Pink, Royal White and Shiny Coral colors with 8GB or 16GB density.

There are also RUF3-KW and RUF3-K. Also known as Felicita, the RUF3-KW has 8GB or 16GB capacities. The RUF3-K, on the other hand, adds 64GB model. Both lines come in black and white.


Night Color Black

  • RUF3-JM64GS-BK – Black, 64GB
  • RUF3-JM32GS-BK – Black, 32GB
  • RUF3-JM16GS-BK – Black, 16GB
  • RUF3-JM8GS-BK – Black, 8GB

Silver Moon

  • RUF3-JM64GS-SV – Silver, 64GB
  • RUF3-JM32GS-SV – Silver, 32GB
  • RUF3-JM16GS-SV – Silver, 16GB
  • RUF3-JM8GS-SV – Silver, 8GB

Ocean Blue

  • RUF3-JM16GS-BL – Blue,16GB
  • RUF3-JM8GS-BL – Blue, 8GB

Earth Brown

  • RUF3-JM16GS-BR – Brown,16GB
  • RUF3-JM8GS-BR – Brown, 8GB


Buffalo RUF3-JW USB 3.0 Flash Drive

Buffalo RUF3-JW

Rich Brown

  • RUF3-JW16G-RB – Rich Brown, 16GB
  • RUF3-JW8G-RB – Rich Brown, 8GB

Gloss Pink

  • RUF3-JW16G-GP – Gloss Pink, 16GB
  • RUF3-JW8G-GP – Gloss Pink, 8GB

Royal White

  • RUF3-JW16G-RW – Royal White, 16GB
  • RUF3-JW8G-RW – Royal White, 8GB

Shiny Coral

  • RUF3-JW16G-SC – Shiny Coral, 16GB
  • RUF3-JW8G-SC – Shiny Coral, 8GB
Buffalo RUF3-KW Felicita USB 3.0 Flash Drive

Buffalo RUF3-KW Felicita

RUF3-KW Felicita

  • RUF3-KW16G-BK – Black, 16GB
  • RUF3-KW8G-BK – Black, 8GB


  • RUF3-KW16G-WH – White, 16GB
  • RUF3-KW8G-WH – White, 8GB
Buffalo RUF3-K USB 3.0 Flash Drive

Buffalo RUF3-K



  • RUF3-K32G-BK – Black, 32GB
  • RUF3-K16G-BK – Black, 16GB
  • RUF3-K8G-BK – Black, 8GB


  • RUF3-K32G-WH – White, 32GB
  • RUF3-K16G-WH – White, 16GB
  • RUF3-K8G-WH – White, 8GB





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