HP Omni 120 and Omni 220 All-in-one PCs

HP Omni 220 All-in-one PC

HP Omni 120 All-in-one PC



HP announced its Omni series all-in-one desktop PC designed to provide an ideal combination of form, function and affordability. The 20-inch Omni 120 PC and 21.5-inch Omni 220 PC both feature 1080p Full HD display, built-in speakers and supports HP LinkUp, which lets users view and interact with content from a notebook PC on the Omni PC.

HP Omni 220 All-in-one PC

The Omni 120 is powered by choices of AMD or Intel processors and comes with up to 750GB hard drive space. It has an elegant easel design. The Omni 220, on the other hand, gets a streamlined cantilever design. It is powered by second gen Intel quad core processer. Some models will include Beats Audio. The Omni 120 and Omni 220 both come with wireless keyboard and mouse.

Coming in September, the Omni 120 PC starts at $399.99 and the Omni 220 PC at $799.99.



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