Sony RDP-X500iP and ICF-CS15iP iPhone Speaker Docks

Sony ICF-CS15iP iPhone ipod Speaker Dock
Sony RDP-X500iP iphone ipad ipod speaker dock

Sony RDP-X500iP



Sony announced two new iPhone speaker docks, the RDP-X500iP with built-in subwoofer that is compatible with iPad, and the ICF-CS15iP. Both of them have sleek design and work with iPhone and most iPod for playback and battery charging. The former also supports iPad.

Sony ICF-CS15iP iPhone ipod Speaker Dock

Sony ICF-CS15iP


The Sony RDP-X500iP features DMC technology, a combination of Dual Passive Radiators, Magnetic Fluid Speakers and Clear Phase DSP sound processing, to deliver superior sound experience and comes with built-in built-in subwoofer, dual passive radiators for powerful bass response. The RDP-X500iP sports a luxurious design and stainless steel accents.

The CF-CS15iP features MEGA BASS and Mega Xpand sound modes and offers dual alarm functionality for users to set two independent wake-up alarms. There is also the 2-5-7 day alarm feature that supports different settings for weekdays and weekends, all with the option of waking up to an iPod, iPhone, AM/FM radio. Its new flexible dock connector is designed to accommodate docking and charging an iPod or iPhone without removing it from its case.

Sony RDP-X500iP and ICF-CS15iP will be released in October.



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