HP X4000 and X5000 Wireless Laser Mice

HP X5000 Wireless Laser Mouse


HP X4000 Wireless Laser Mouse

HP X4000

HP releases two new wireless mice, the X4000 and X5000. While their brother X7000 uses WiFi connectivity, these two mice uses 2.4GHz wireless technology for up to 30 feets of operation range. They have sculpted shape, striking lines, smooth edges and sweeping contours, and are equipped with a 1600 dpi laser sensor.

HP X5000 Wireless Laser Mouse

HP X5000

The more advanced X5000 comes wih a touch scroll strap and four customizable buttons, includong a dedicated Facebook button for one-click access. Both wireless mice come with a nano USB receiver that connects wih not only the mice, but are able to connect up to five Link-5 devices.

The X4000 is priced at $29.99 and the X5000 at $39.99.

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