Hundreds of Hong Kong People Queue to sell iPhone 4S

Sin Tat Plaza Hong Kong iPhone 4S queue

Sin Tat Plaza Hong Kong iPhone 4S queue
As a gadget lover, you should have been to Sin Tat Plaze in Mongkok if you have been to Hong Kong before. Sin Tat Plaza is a shopping in Mongkok, Hong Kong, with thousands of small shops selling mobile phones and accessories, including phones not are officially selling in Hong Kong. Recently hundreds of Hong Kong people are crowded in Sin Tat to sell iPhone 4S. They are not selling the iPhone 4S they are using, instead they are selling brand new iPhone 4S (not even unboxed) to earn money.

Sin Tat Plaza Hong Kong iPhone 4S queue 1


The official price of the iPhone 4S in Hong Kong is HK$5088 for 16GB, HK$5888 for 32GB and HK$6688 for 64GB. Due to the huge demand and limited stock in China, a new 16GB iPhone 4S can sell for HK$5800-6200 to Sin Tat shops few weeks before. As the China Apple Online Store is now selling iPhone 4S and peoples are now expecting the iPhone 5, the resell price of the 4S has been dropped to HK$5600 then to as low as $5400 this week. Seeing the dropping price, peoples who were able to order on Hong Kong Apple Online Store (Apple made the iPhone 4S available on Hong Kong online store for just 5-6 times, each time for just 0.5-1.5 hours) just head to Sin Tat to sell iPhone 4S they have, before its too late. Previously, the online store of Apple China will open for a limited time ranging from half an hour of 1.5 hours, but now the 4S is available with estimated shipment this month and it seems Apple has got enough stock to fulfill the orders.

Sin Tat Plaza Hong Kong iPhone 4S

No one knows will Apple again stop selling 4S on China online store, but we are pretty sure if Apple does, the resell price of iPhone 4S in Hong Kong will probably goes up again.



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